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Interviewing Dave Grusin

DaveGrusinwithJB2011Today was my favorite day in ages: Spending the day at Judie Rosenman’s house interviewing Dave Grusin about his life and career in film and TV music. I’ve loved Grusin’s work since the mid-1960s and it was an honor to delve into both his history and his work process: the TV scores, the Sydney Pollack films, the Oscar for Milagro Beanfield War, you name it, we covered it. All done for the Film Music Foundation, which plans to make these video “oral histories” widely available to the public. (Best part: recalling my favorite of his TV themes, The Name of the Game, and having Dave go over to the piano and play it for me. Oh, man, it doesn’t get better than that.)

Interviewing Laurence Rosenthal

RosenthalBW2009interviewingLarryRosenthal-smI admire Larry Rosenthal tremendously — and so does every other film composer in town. Just listen to The Miracle Worker, or any of his Emmy-winning miniseries scores from the 1980s, especially Peter the Great. Or some of my personal favorites, the music for The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles. The Film Music Foundation asked me to conduct a long video “oral history” with him, and it was like a master class in film scoring. I’m honored to be asked to do these for the FMF and I can’t wait until the full interviews are available for all to see.

Lalo Schifrin on his TV scores

I hLaloSwithJBTVAcadArchiveave done quite a number of interviews with composers for the Archive of American Television, essentially video “oral histories” with these veterans, most of whom have also been active in films. In 2008 I interviewed Lalo Schifrin about his music for Mission: Impossible, Mannix and many other TV projects over the years. And here is a link to my Film Music Foundation interview with Lalo, which covers his movie career.